About Cindy

I have been psychic since childhood. I have been a practicing psychic and medium since 1997, when a Rochester area psychic told me that I needed to be using my gifts! So I began listening to Spirit talk!!! I intuitively tap into Spirit to connect you to your loved ones! I am a channel, clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient. I am a Lightworker and lead Lightworker meditations to those interested in this newer form of healing work. I also see past lives and can aid you in recovering your past lives through hypnotic regressions. I am also interested in the area of psychic detective work and investigation, specifically in working with police departments to locate missing persons and/or reignite cold cases. I also help psychic children understand their abilities and trust their gifts. If you have a child that you suspect is psychic and needs help understanding their abilities, contact me!